Jobs You Can Do While Traveling The World

With so many jobs being done online and so many companies willing to let people work remotely, the possibility of traveling abroad while still working is becoming more plausible. The issue is that it can be hard to know where to get started or what your career choices are when moving to a new country.

You might want to have a plan before you pack everything you own into two suitcases and jump on a flight, so here’s a view of jobs you can consider that will help you feed your love of travel.

Yacht Crew

yacht sailing through water
Photo Credit: Unsplash / Michael Held
Photo Credit: Unsplash / Michael Held

You’ll have to know the basics of sailing before you’re able to spend your days working on a yacht, but if you already know that, then it’s an easy option. Popular jumping-off points are cities such as Darwin, Australia; Phuket, Thailand; or San Diego, California.