People Share The One Place In History They Wish They Could Time Travel To

As a concept, time travel has been part of many people’s science-fiction fantasies for quite some time, and the idea is so alluring. What if we could actually witness the events of history right as they happened, or see original structures before they fell to ruins?

Some Reddit users shared the places in history they would want to time travel to the most, and these ones were the most popular.

A Gladiator Fight At The Coliseum In Rome, Circa 100 CE

View of the Colosseum
Photo Credit: Santi Visalli / Getty Images
Photo Credit: Santi Visalli / Getty Images

While the practice of gladiatorial battles lasted for almost 1,000 years, the brutal sport reached its peak from 100 BCE to 200 CE. While accounts of the fights are extremely gruesome, I can’t imagine how they compare to the reality.