Surprising Things Non-Americans Like About America

The best way to gain an appreciation for something is to step away from it and discover it again for the very first time. If you’re American, you might take a lot of what the country has to offer for granted, simply because you’re used to it.

Reddit user Imsosadsoveryverysad asked non-Americans “what are the positives of America that you see?” and the answers might surprise you.

The Large Living Spaces

American Home
Photo Credit: Digital Marketing Agency / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Digital Marketing Agency / Unsplash

“Big living spaces. I live in Hong Kong, and our average flat sizes are around 300 to 500 square feet. If you are in a flat that’s over 1000 square feet that’s considered super luxurious.” – TheFakeMercy

While not everyone lives in a castle, backyards and front lawns are not hard to find.