Avoiding These Travel Scams Will Save You Time, Money, And Your Vacation

When we’re traveling, it’s easy to think that we know everything that’s going on around us and that we will never fall into “tourist traps.” The truth is, it happens to the best of us and some are very hard to avoid.

Scams can range from overpriced cab rides to locals conning you into buying their merchandise. Even though it’s nearly impossible to know when or where you’re going to be scammed, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the worst and to know how to avoid certain situations. Knowledge is power and the more you know about scams the less likely it is that you’ll fall for them!

Don’t Be Fooled By The “Bump And Grab”

Don't Be Fooled By The

The bump-and-grab is one of the most common tactics for a pickpocket. Several people will swarm you, throwing you off guard while one of their group goes through your bags or pockets. The most common places for something like this to happen are crowded areas, like highly populated tourist spots and the metro.

This just means you need to be prepared! Crossbody bags with zippers are a must, it makes certain that they don’t have the option to take the entire bag. Also, be sure to spread out your valuables. Never carry all of your money with you, and make sure to lock up your passport.