How To Backpack Like A Pro

Backpacking as a method of traveling became popular in the 1960s and has been a global phenomenon ever since. It’s a cheap, efficient way to see a lot of places and travel lightly—it’s easy to stay a night or two in a location, pack up, and move on.

However, this type of travel comes with its challenges too, so here are some tips to make your backpacking trip as seamless as possible.

No Backpacking Trip Is The Same

group of backpackers smiling
Photo Credit: GREG WOOD / AFP via Getty Images
Photo Credit: GREG WOOD / AFP via Getty Images

Even if you have tried backpacking before, attempting a similar trip in a different location naturally poses a lot of different challenges. Make sure you specifically look into national and local customs, travel requirements and restrictions, how communication tools work, and what electrical outlet plugs you’ll need.