How To Travel With Food Souvenirs

One of the best parts of traveling is being introduced to exotic new foods. And when your vacation is coming to a close, you're likely going to want to purchase some of your favorite food items to bring back home with you. But before you buy a bunch of edible souvenirs, you need to do some pre-planning.

shopping for cheese at the President Wilson market

The TSA allows almost all food items through security, just as long as none of them are liquids that exceed 3.4 ounces. Other than that, you can bring pretty much anything in your carry-on bag (but you can count on extra security screening if you're traveling with food).

According to the TSA website, dry snacks, chocolate, candy, bread, crackers, frozen food, gum, honey, pizza, and more are all OK to carry on board. Each of these items has its own requirements so you'll want to check the website before heading to the airport.

For food being transported in checked bags, such as those containing liquid in excess of the 3.4 ounce maximum, there are a number of products available to help you safely transport your items home. These include padded bottle covers for wine and other liquids like honey or vinegar.

Items like cured meats and cheese travel best if they're vacuum sealed. Many butchers and cheese shops have sealers on hand, so be sure to ask for the service if you know you'll be bringing these foods all the way home with you!

One last tip: if you pick up any kitchen tools, especially cutlery, you'll want to put those in checked luggage. These items can easily resemble a weapon and can cause a big headache at security.