Myths About Popular Travel Destinations That The Locals Want You To Know Aren’t True

It’s easy to pass judgment or have misconceptions about countries you’ve never visited or cultures you know nothing about, but choosing to believe those myths only holds you back.

The purpose of traveling is to experience new cultures and learn about other countries, so you shouldn’t let your friend who had a less-than-stellar experience in Paris hold you back from visiting France because she said all French people are rude.

Do your research, learn for yourself, and break away from these common misconceptions about popular travel destinations.

Iceland Is An Arctic Tundra Of A Country

iceland in the summer
Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

Iceland is thought of by many as a beautiful frozen country that’s covered in snow and ice all year round, but a lot of people don’t realize Iceland experiences four seasons—they just might not be as drastically different as other places.