Unique McDonald’s Menu Items From Around The World

If you close your eyes and think of the most common McDonald’s item what are you thinking of? If you’re in North America, you’re most likely going to say a cheeseburger and fries. However, people in other countries might disagree.

Someone in the Philipines might think of spaghetti, while someone in Brazil might be thinking of Nutella! Here are some of the most unique items that will surely have your mouth watering.

Dosa Masala Brioche — India

dosa masala
Photo Credit: McDonaldsIndia / Facebook
Photo Credit: McDonaldsIndia / Facebook

Masala dosa is a popular food in Indian cuisine, made of a lentil pancake, fermented rice, and spicy potato filling. So of course, it absolutely had to be added to India’s McDonald’s menu.

You’ll find it on the breakfast menu as a bun stuffed with a mashed potato patty and a chutney sauce.