You Can Now Sleep In A Tequila Barrel For An Immersive Distillery Experience

When most people think about tequila, the words “salt,” “lime,” and “a chaotic time” probably come to mind. In fact, I’d worry about anyone who would immediately think of sleeping in a barrel-shaped cabin.

However, this hotel located in Tequila, Mexico, offers that exact experience for tequila-loving tourists from all around the world.

Welcome To Matices Hotel De Barricas

view of multiple barrels amongst agave field
Photo Credit: Instagram / @maticeshoteldebarricas
Photo Credit: Instagram / @maticeshoteldebarricas

The name of the hotel translates directly to “hotel of barrels” and is located just outside of the famous city of Tequila, Mexico, where the drink originates. The hotel itself on distillery property.