These Trail Cams Captured Some Unforgettable Images

Trail cams have become popular on the internet thanks to owners who have managed to capture some beautiful, strange, and often hilarious videos with help from their mounted cameras. From animals who have gotten themselves in some precarious situations to some natural wonders we’d likely never see by disturbing a natural habitat, these are some of the most unforgettable trail cam images the web has to offer.

Is That Winnie The Pooh?

bear helping a cub
Photo Credit: obedienceispatriotism/Imgur
Photo Credit: obedienceispatriotism/Imgur

We love bears because they look ferocious and they can often be ferocious but when it comes to their babies they are super sweet and overly protective.

This trail cam captured a mama bear as they picked up their cub to help them investigate something that was too tall for the little bear to reach. Spotting the loving relationship between animals and their parents in nature is one of our favorite types of trail cam wins.